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    I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu after experimenting with several martial arts, after the first class i knew i was hooked. I came across Alpha after searching the web looking for an academy to suit my night shift work hours and well enough the morning classes at Alpha suited me perfectly! The students, coaches and professor welcomed me with open arms and made it very clear that i was apart of the family. Alpha has made me a much happier, confident version of myself. I would recommend anyone wanting to try Jiu Jitsu for there own reasons to make Alpha the first academy they try.
    Jake Cavallo
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    I originally enrolled my two sons at Alpha Jiu Jitsu due its location; without knowing too much about Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.   It soon became clear that this is a professionally run Academy, a family friendly and passionate environment.  Plus its air-conditioned!  That was more than 5 years ago.

    The training is thorough and varied and my two boys are growing strong with knowledge, confidence, respect and skills.

    I highly recommend Chris and Xavier Sales and, of course, the whole Alpha team and community.
    Amanda Johnston
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    I was initially interested in BJJ because it seemed like a more cerebral martial art compared to what I’ve done in the past - the fact that a smaller practitioner could overpower a larger opponent was very appealing. So I visited a few schools but when I arrived at Alpha and met Professor Chris along with coaches Gladwin and Xavier - I was hooked. They were exceptionally welcoming and my first class was brilliant despite my complete lack of knowledge of the sport. Now, almost 12 months later - I’m down 17kgs, I’m more focused, calmer under pressure and have a place I can now have a blast rolling around with awesome people. It’s completely enhanced my life and I’d recommend it to everyone.
    Nivin Thanabalan
    Vice President
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    I was 37 years old when I started to train Jiu Jitsu with Alpha Jiu Jitsu Academy. After 10 years of being relatively inactive, poor diet and not being motivated to take my family to the beach, park or anywhere for that matter I felt I needed to make a positive change in myself to set an example to my children and family, and to restore the lost motivation in my day to day life.

    Walking into the gym on the first day I could see an eclectic mix of personalities, ages and from the greeting I received from the coaches and members alike I felt at home immediately. Yes, I had to push myself to come back after that first class and wheezing through the warm up alone was a wakeup call that my health was in need of improvement, but it was the single best decision I have made to change my situation for the better.

    Since starting to train Jiu Jitsu I feel like one of the family. I train 4-7 times a week, and every day whether it be from a coach or my training partners I learn both valuable techniques as well as make lifelong friends from such diverse backgrounds I don’t know if our paths would have crossed had it not been for Team Alpha.

    I have been lucky enough to take part in some Jiu Jitsu competitions in Sydney, always backed up and supported by my coaches and team mates resulting in a bronze and a gold medal which is a wonderful feeling.

    I have lost 16kg in the past year and have managed to keep it off very easily due to my time on the mats. My attitude towards everything in my life has changed and all in a positive way. My kids get more active dad time and my wife is just happy to have me out the house!

    I am very much looking forward to introducing my children to the Jiu Jitsu when they are old enough and I literally count the hours until I can hit the mats again.
    James Carlin
    The Dusty Bottle Whisky Shop
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    I was looking for a martial arts academy for my two young sons, and thought I would try something different to the standard traditional martial arts, choosing Alpha Jiu Jitsu Academy due to numerous recommendations from current students. After seeing the amount of fun my sons were having I decided to have a trial lesson and was hooked instantly. I love the family friendly atmosphere at Alpha Jiu Jitsu Academy and the passion shown by all of the coaches and students that train at the academy. You couldn’t ask for a better environment to reach your personal goals, I have already lost 15 kgs in the first 6 months of training and have noticed improvements in my mood and overall health. I now have an activity that I can share with my sons for the years to come. I wholeheartedly recommend Alpha Jiu Jitsu Academy to my friends and family to learn high quality Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a safe, fun and structured environment from friendly professional staff.
    Peter Bawden
    High School Teacher

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